YouTube TV’s new frontier: Testing customizable 2×2 split-screen feature

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YouTube TV trials customizable split-screen mode in multiview testing.

NEW YORK, Jan 31: YouTube TV, Google’s cable TV replacement service, is reportedly testing a customizable split-screen or “multiview” feature. The service initially introduced a 2×2 multiview in 2023, but users were limited to pre-made choices curated by Google. Now, some Reddit users claim to have spotted a “Build a multiview” option, allowing them to select their preferred four channels for simultaneous viewing.

The existing multiview option provided a fun way to monitor multiple games; however, users faced challenges in getting the specific games they desired. The pre-made combinations, especially during events like NFL Sunday Ticket, often fell short of accommodating all preferences. The limited selection posed difficulties when games ended early, and the station transitioned to other coverage, resulting in duplicate games in the multiview.

A Reddit user with purported access to the feature noted that, during NBA games, the customizable multiview is currently limited to selecting other NBA games. While this narrows the scope, it offers more flexibility than scrolling through random pre-made combinations.

YouTube has confirmed that the customizable multiview feature is in testing and will eventually roll out to all devices supporting multiview. However, a specific timeline for the broader release has not been disclosed. YouTube had initially promised customizable multiview options since the feature’s launch in March, with additional assurances of mixing and matching content types made in June.

The desire for customizable multiview options has been vocalized by users, with the feature even making its way into an interview with YouTube Chief Business Officer Mary Ellen Coe. Coe acknowledged the technical complexity of implementing the feature but did not provide further details. The ongoing testing phase signals progress toward addressing user demands for a more personalized viewing experience on YouTube TV.

This news has been read 826 times!

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