Young Chinese Women Prefer AI Boyfriends Over Real-Life Relationships

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BEIJING, Feb 13: In China, a growing number of young individuals are finding solace and companionship in artificial intelligence (AI) partners offered by various apps like “Glow” and “Wantalk”. Tufei, a 25-year-old office worker from Xi’an, praises her AI boyfriend on the Glow app for his kindness and empathy, stating he provides emotional support akin to a real romantic relationship. Similarly, Wang Xiuting, a student in Beijing, finds comfort in her AI companions on Wantalk, tailored to her preferences and offering emotional guidance inspired by ancient Chinese characters. The rise of AI companionship reflects a societal trend driven by urban isolation and the fast pace of life, where loneliness is a prevalent issue, especially among young people.

These AI companions, ranging from chatbots to virtual characters, offer users emotional support and companionship, adapting to their personalities and providing suggestions for problem-solving. With long work hours and uncertainty about the future, AI partners serve as a virtual shoulder to cry on, offering a sense of stability and understanding. However, while AI technology continues to advance, there are limitations, such as noticeable delays in responses, reminding users of its artificial nature. Despite concerns about user privacy and regulation in the AI industry, many users like Tufei express a desire for even more advanced AI partners, highlighting the evolving landscape of human-robot relationships in contemporary society.

This news has been read 899 times!

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