Women account for 64% of 600,000 annual deaths from second-hand smoke: Al Saleh

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Diwaniyah Al Masoud awarded for excellence in promoting a smoke-free environment

Al Masoud Diwaniyah is honored in the tobacco-free Diwaniyah health competition.

KUWAIT CITY, June 12: The Kuwait Society for Combating Smoking and Cancer has concluded its “Diwaniyah: Health Without Smoking” competition, honoring Diwaniyah Al Masoud for its exceptional commitment to maintaining a smoke-free environment. The competition, organized during Ramadan 1445 AH (April 2024) in the Al-Fayhaa Health District, aimed to engage key community groups in Kuwait in the fight against smoking, reported Al-Anba newspaper.

Dr. Khaled Al-Saleh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Society, highlighted the significance of this initiative. Diwaniyahs, which are traditional gathering places for people of all ages, often expose non-smokers to harmful second-hand smoke. This competition sought to address this issue by encouraging Diwaniyahs to become smoke-free.

Speaking at the celebration, Dr. Al-Saleh emphasized the grave impact of second-hand smoke, citing World Health Organization data that attributes 600,000 premature deaths annually to exposure, with 64% of these occurring among women. He stressed the urgent need to combat smoking, noting that Kuwait has alarmingly high smoking rates within the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and various public and cooperative societies, including the Al-Fayhaa Cooperative Society, the Kuwait Society for Combating Smoking and Cancer is dedicated to promoting smoke-free environments. This competition is part of a broader effort to reduce smoking rates and protect public health.

Diwaniyah Al Masoud was selected as the winner after a thorough inspection of participating Diwaniyahs, recognizing its commitment to safeguarding the health of its patrons. This honor aims to support and encourage Diwaniyahs to foster a culture of health and well-being by eliminating smoking.

Dr. Al-Saleh expressed his satisfaction with the dedication shown by Diwaniyah Al Masoud, highlighting its role in setting a positive example for youth and the broader community. He also mentioned the Society’s smoking cessation clinic, which provides assistance and appropriate treatments for those wishing to quit smoking. The clinic operates weekly, offering services to individuals from all regions of Kuwait, and can be reached at 94704366 for appointments.

Furthermore, Dr. Al-Saleh thanked Kuwait University’s College of Life Sciences for its collaboration in opening a smoking cessation clinic at Sabah Al-Salem University City, aimed at helping students quit smoking and maintain a healthy campus environment.

Dr. Al-Saleh concluded by affirming the Society’s commitment to continuing this initiative in other regions of Kuwait throughout the year, expressing optimism for the success of all efforts dedicated to serving and improving the health of the community.

This news has been read 651 times!

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