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Thursday , April 22 2021

Woman admits, says she killed her husband unintentionally in self-defence in arguments

KUWAIT CITY, April 12: The woman who has admitted to killing her husband last Monday said she killed him unintentionally in self-defence, reports Al-Anba daily.

She went to say the victim had grabbed her neck and she took a piece of iron and hit him hard on the head and he fell to the ground. She also said her husband was constantly fighting with her and that there were always arguments between them.

Although the suspect claimed she acted alone, police will check the CCTV cameras which are installed nearby the house of the victim.

According to a security source, the suspect, 27, said a fight occurred between her and her husband Monday evening over a young woman who had become addicted to drugs while studying and she did not accept treatment. The woman is said to have explained in detail how she murdered her husband and how she tried to hide her crime

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