Winter Marriages, Summer Divorces: A Closer Look at Kuwait’s Statistics

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KUWAIT CITY, July 12: Official statistics have shed light on the patterns of marriage and divorce among Kuwaitis in the year 2022. Interestingly, it was observed that most marriages occurred during the winter months, while divorce cases tended to increase during the summer, particularly in August.

The Central Statistical Administration recently released data that revealed the peak months for Kuwaiti marriages. March recorded the highest number of marriages with 969 marriages, followed by February 886, December 822, and November 814. In contrast, divorce rates were highest in August 644 and June 640.

March stood out as a significant month as it witnessed both high marriage and divorce rates. Out of the total divorces, 635 cases involved Kuwaiti husbands, accounting for a substantial portion of the 828 divorces across all nationalities, reports Al Rai. Conversely, the lowest number of marriages between Kuwaiti couples was recorded in April 486 cases. Similarly, the lowest number of divorce cases was observed among Kuwaiti couples, with 409 instances.

Overall, throughout the year 2022, a total of 8,307 divorce cases were reported, including 6,393 cases involving a Kuwaiti husband and 1,914 cases with a non-Kuwaiti husband.

This news has been read 26139 times!

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