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Will take bedoun if roots Iranian

Tehran welcomes Kuwaiti investors: Envoy

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 8: The Iranian Ambassador to Kuwait, Mohammad Irani, has said the Islamic Republic does not grant citizenship to those who do not deserve it, while affirming his country’s readiness to naturalize illegal residents in Kuwait or the so-called bedoun if the Kuwaiti authorities can prove their Iranian roots, reports Al- Rai daily.

The ambassador in a statement to Al- Rai said, “Iran does not give up on its children, and if any (bedoun) proves his Iranian roots, he will be treated accordingly after looking at the other details, after which the person can obtain the nationality of the Islamic Republic and in this case the person can reside in Iran or can continue his/her life in Kuwait as an Iranian citizen. Meanwhile, he pointed out that Tehran “welcomes Kuwaiti investors and the country will provide them with the necessary facilities.”

He added, “There are a number of Kuwaiti investment projects in Isfahan, Mashhad and others, and we wish them a great success.” He added, “Investing $250,000 in Iran or deposited with Iranian banks gives the owner free residence for five years, while granting an annual multivisit visa to Kuwaitis with ease.”

As for the complications, those who carry the Iranian entry stamp on their passports may face while obtaining a US or European visa, the Iranian Ambassador asked, “Are those visiting Iran terrorists?” He pointed out that the concerned authority in his country “is not currently stamping passports, Instead, it merely documents the entry electronically and gives the traveler a stamped paper.”

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