Whoopi Goldberg opens up about her endometriosis struggle

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Whoopi Goldberg

LOS ANGELES, Nov 9, (Agencies): Whoopi Goldberg laid bare her endometriosis journey on a recent episode of The View. Joining the conversation, Hillary Clinton discussed her role as an executive producer of Below the Belt, a documentary focused on raising awareness about endometriosis—a reproductive condition causing uterine tissue to grow outside the uterus, resulting in cramping and chronic pain.

Expressing her frustration, Goldberg highlighted the common scenario where women endure years of symptoms before receiving an endometriosis diagnosis. She questioned the ongoing struggle for healthcare access despite women contributing taxes. Goldberg emphasized the lack of education about women’s bodies in medical schools, leaving many in the dark about this condition.

Sharing her own experience, Goldberg recounted a fortunate incident where a urinary tract infection led to her endometriosis diagnosis. Reflecting on the documentary’s revelation that it takes 6-10 years for some to get diagnosed, she questioned the gaps in medical education.

Despite its prevalence—approximately 10% of women may be diagnosed with endometriosis—it often goes unnoticed. Dr. Mary Jane Minkin from Yale University School of Medicine explained that endometriosis isn’t always evident in examinations or ultrasounds, sometimes requiring diagnostic laparoscopy.

Goldberg now stands alongside other celebrities like Bindi Irwin, Lena Dunham, Halsey, Julianne Hough, Amy Schumer, and Padma Lakshmi, who have openly shared their battles with endometriosis.

This news has been read 589 times!

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