What You Should Know: Crucial Advisory for “Restaurant Drivers”

Workers in Kuwait Duped Into Motorcycle Food Delivery Jobs

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 8: The Indian Embassy in Kuwait has released an advisory for Indian nationals currently in Kuwait and those hired for the role of Restaurant Drivers. Numerous instances have occurred where new Indian workers arriving in Kuwait on work visas intended for restaurant drivers discover that they have been engaged in home delivery or food delivery using motorcycles. These workers often lack awareness of the severe weather conditions in Kuwait, are unfamiliar with local laws, and may not thoroughly read their employment contracts. Consequently, the Indian Embassy periodically issues such advisories to guarantee their safety, well-being, and compliance with local regulations.

In a recent alert, the Indian Embassy has brought to light a surge in the recruitment of workers from various states in India for positions as “RESTAURANT DRIVERS” in Kuwait. Post-arrival, these individuals are strategically placed as DELIVERY DRIVERS/RIDERS for popular home delivery food mobile applications.
Indians who are coming to Kuwait for work should remember that if the employers include words like ‘Consumer Orders,’ ‘Consumer Goods,’ or ‘Delivery of Orders,’ they’re likely involved in food delivery. Most of these jobs use bikes for deliveries, even in the hottest summer months.

Indian workers coming to Kuwait as ‘Restaurant Drivers/Delivery Riders’ etc. should be aware of the following :

  1. Delivery Drivers are provided with a Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Visa, which binds the Employee to work for the same Employer for 3 years. You cannot apply for release/transfer during the three years i.e. the worker cannot transfer his work permit to other Employers. After 3 years, the workers can get transferred to another SME Employer or have to return to India.
  2. Salary is generally commission-based with delivery targets and also based on the distance of deliveries. Such Companies do not pay the employees a fixed monthly income as may be wrongly promised by some Agents.
  3. Before accepting the work, workers should go through the Contract and ensure that the Employer is providing basic workers’ rights like minimum working hours, overtime pay, holiday entitlement, worker’s health and safety, and compensation is provided in case of total/partial disability.
  4. Workers may note that the weather conditions are harsh in Kuwait (extreme heat, dust storms etc.) during some months of the year.
  5. Workers should ensure that they are provided with Medical/accident insurance, for their safety and well-being
  6. All Delivery Riders should insist on Embassy-attested Employment Contracts (as per the Labour Laws of Kuwait with Minimum Wages of KD 120 for Delivery Drivers) prescribed by the Government of India, to safeguard their interests.
  7. The benefit of Employment Contract attestation through the Embassy includes Insurance coverage (covering disability/accident/death compensation) in Kuwait, paid by the Kuwaiti Employer.
  8. Workers also get additional Insurance benefits of Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojana (PBBY) while obtaining Emigration Clearance from PoE office

This is for Delivery Riders/Drivers who are already in Kuwait and working for such delivery Companies may note the following in case of any exigencies

  1. In case of any labor grievances/disputes, they should first register a formal complaint with Public Authority of Manpower (PAM).
  2. They may also register a complaint with the Labour Helpdesk of the Indian Embassy physically or through Whats app Helpline No. 6550 1769
  3. All labour grievances/disputes of civil matters can be taken up and solved through PAM (Shoun) Office and Labour Courts.
  4. However, any case of theft breach of trust, etc. filed by an Employer with the local Police will result in criminal cases with serious consequences including an exit travel ban from Kuwait till final clearance of such cases through the Labour Court.

These warnings are part of the embassy’s responsibility to safeguard the interests and welfare of its citizens abroad, providing them with the necessary information to make informed decisions and navigate their experiences in the host country.

This news has been read 2786 times!

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