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Thursday , October 21 2021

‘We’re victims of favoritism, moods’

Oil workers vent anger at move

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 19: The discrepancy in the disbursement of incentives (bonus) for workers in an oil company angered many employees who said they were victims of favoritism and moodiness, reports Al-Rai daily. The sources told the daily a number of the company’s employees were surprised by the decision to grant them half a salary or one salary as annual “bonus”, compared to others who were granted more than that, which prompted the affected workers to express their dissatisfaction to the ‘new administration’.

The sources confirmed that a number of company officials were dissatisfied because of the way they were dealt with; they feel their work is not appreciated and this has reflected in the management decision to treat them indifferently while evaluating their work performance and achievements and a set of other factors. The sources say they believe treating these employees in this way will encourage them and feel it would be better not to give them the bonus in the first place, if their performance was poor or they did not complete the job tasks entrusted to them as required.

They feel their performance has been underestimated given the efforts they have exerted for a whole year, especially in light of the Corona crisis, which has not happened since the establishment of the company. The sources indicated that this will lead to the division among employees and will negatively affect the company and its performance, stressing that there are a number of workers who are considering the possibility of returning to their parent companies, but the challenge they face is the availability of vacancies. The sources were surprised by the great change in the decisionmaking policy that the employees have noticed in the company’s management during the recent period, especially after taking many decisions.

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