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Saturday , March 25 2023

‘We’re bound to honor rights of workers as per procedure’; Salaries, perks paid

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 23: In response to the report published recently concerning the judges and legal consultants who have been losing their perks as a result of statute of limitation, the Ministry of Justice affirmed that it is bound to honor the rights of its employees in a manner that conforms with the procedures, reports Al- Qabas daily. In its statement, the ministry affirmed that the approval of the perks for the members of the judiciary for their participation in the National Assembly elections in December 2020 and the supplementary elections in May 2021 were completed immediately after the end of the electoral process and referred to the concerned authorities for approval and disbursement.

Regarding the payment of due salaries to members of the judiciary after the issuance of the decree on their appointment, the ministry explained that it does not have the authority to pay the salaries of members of the judiciary prior to the issuance of the decree on their appointment, in compliance with the instructions of the Ministry of Finance and all other supervisory authorities. Currently, the salaries due to all have been paid, and there are no perks or salaries that are due, as the decrees that were issued for their appointment and their financial conditions have been in order for more than four months.

Concerning the delay in disbursing the perks for the evening sessions and the reward for the lecturers of the Kuwait Institute for Judicial Studies, the ministry said the perks were fully disbursed, and the same is true in terms of the rewards for the lecturers of the Kuwait Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies. They were disbursed after issuing the appointment decree and obtaining the approval of the concerned oversight authorities before disbursement.

Also, with regard to the fact that the rights of judges may be lost by statute of limitation, the ministry said it lists all financial dues, either to members of the judiciary or employees, at the end of each fiscal year and refer them to the secretariat, as they are reserved in the ministry’s budget until the documents and procedures necessary for disbursement are completed. In conclusion, the ministry affirmed its full concern for the rights of everyone, both members of the judiciary and the ministry’s employees, and its keenness to meet them after following all the necessary procedures and controls for disbursement in order to avoid the observations of the supervisory authorities.

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