‘We will see among you doctors, engineers, teachers’

Minister pledges more efforts to exploit human resources

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 29: The Minister of Justice, Minister of State for Housing Affairs, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Public Authority for Minors’ Affairs Faleh Abdullah Al-Rakba revealed that the coming period will witness an intensification of efforts, plans and programs for developing services and work mechanisms by exploiting the available material and human capabilities and expertise. In his speech delivered on the occasion of his patronage of a ceremony honoring a number of outstanding students under the authority’s sponsorship in the presence of members of the authority’s Board of Directors, its executive cadres, and a number of parents, public figures, and media professionals, Al-Rakba highlighted the presence of plans to develop and enhance communication with the public and beneficiaries of the authority’s services.

Faleh Abdullah Al-Rakba

He said, “There will be a new shift in the authority that will enable it to work with greater capacity and efficiency in the field of caring for and securing the needs of our minor children and those under care. The authority, over the past few years, was able to realize many achievements, and develop the funds through a sound and balanced investment policy that achieved high returns with low-risk rates, through the following:
■ Enhancing the participation of the authority’s cadres at all levels in enhancing development strategies, plans, and programs in various areas of work in a way that enhances the opportunities for efficient and effective implementation, in parallel with training and qualification programs for national cadres to increase their productivity and ability to meet aspirations.
■ Intensifying efforts to automate and digitize the authority’s work and services within the framework of the digital transformation plan adopted by the state, which the authority was among the first government agencies to implement, out of its desire to achieve more rapid, easy, and effective communication with the clients.
■ Intensifying coordination and cooperation efforts with all relevant governmental, civil, and private agencies by signing more memorandums of understanding and cooperation, implementing electronic connectivity programs, and facilitating correspondence and communication mechanisms within the framework of an integrated program to enhance institutional partnership.
■ Continuing social, humanitarian, and recreational activities for those in care and their families, in addition to supporting the activities of many charitable, social, religious, health, educational, and community organizations in general.
■ Continuing the development of the charitable triads and their contributions to charitable work in various fields and regions.

Minister Al-Rakba expressed his gratitude for the academic excellence of those under the authority in the various stages of education, as it represents success in facing challenges and taking advantage of opportunities with diligence and perseverance, which he hoped would be their weapon in all aspects of life and in the future.

The minister said, “Your success and excellence represent a source of pride and optimism for us, your families, and your dear country Kuwait, which looks forward to continuing, through you and through the arms of its children in all locations, to realize more achievements in various fields.” Meanwhile, the Acting Director General Eng. Hamad Al-Barjas said in his speech during the honoring ceremony, “The authority contributes to qualifying, developing and motivating our sons and daughters under the authority to face the challenges of the future and achieve Kuwait’s future vision.” He explained that the authority provides various packages of services and initiatives aimed at enhancing the excellence of its sons and daughters of all ages, an example of which is supporting many educational and pedagogical activities. It attaches great importance to the awareness programs and psychological and mental rehabilitation for those under its care by organizing recreational, awareness-raising, and religious activities aimed at developing their knowledge, abilities, and skills in modern ways that suit all age groups.

During the last period, it was keen to enhance communication with those under its care through various direct and electronic means of communication in order to closely identify the demands and needs, and work to provide the necessary material and human resources to meet them appropriately and quickly. Al-Barjas assured that the tireless efforts and endeavors would continue in this context to achieve the authority’s lofty mission and its noble goals towards those sponsored who have contributed in the past and will contribute in the near future in continuing the process of progress and advancement of Kuwait. He said, “We will see among you doctors, engineers, teachers, lawyers, researchers, and administrators. Thanks to your excellence and diligence, you will occupy the most important positions, as your predecessors among those under care did throughout the authority’s history, which extends about nine decades of loyalty and giving.”

By Abdel Nasser Al-Aslami
Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff

This news has been read 1950 times!

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