“Warba” concludes its sponsorship of the Schools and Higher Education League with great success

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Kuwait City, May 30: Warba Bank concluded the 2023/2024 Warba Bank School League in its first year, which was held via a strategic partnership with the Kuwait School and High Education Sports Federation, which was a resounding success. The Four Seasons Hotel hosted the concluding ceremony of the current sports season.

Chairman of Warba Bank, Hamad Musaed Al-Sayer, started his speech by extending his appreciation to all members of the organizing committee and the general supervisor of the tournament for his continuous follow-up and support, which contributed and helped to make the tournament a success. Thanks also goes out to all the participating teams in the tournament, all the parties that cooperated with the organizing committee, all the print, visual and audio media that contributed to the success of the tournament in the media, the tournament commentators, the head of the referees’ committee and the tournament referees.

Al-Sayer added that such sporting events have many positives apart from winning and losing competitions, as they always create a familiarity atmosphere among young people. Noting that the success of the tournament came only through solidarity and concerted efforts among young people, harnessing all capabilities, and overcoming all difficulties that would limit reaching this achievement.

Al-Sayer explained that this tournament would not have been successful without concluding strategic partnerships with official bodies, which aim to support community development efforts and contribute to preparing successive generations who will contribute to the advancement of Kuwait, which is considered one of the fundamental pillars firmly established in Warba Bank’s strategy.

Al-Sayer stated that the Bank’s sponsorship of the School League comes as an affirmation of its permanent commitment to supporting young talents, enhancing the development opportunities available to them, providing them with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for success in academic and professional life, instilling the values ​​of success and leadership, and developing personal skills in academic and practical life.

Al-Sayer pointed out that Warba Bank is keen to instil a purposeful education message that works to engage students during their free time, invest their efforts in what will benefit them, discover their creative abilities, and provide sports clubs with students with distinguished skills.

Al-Sayer stressed that Warba Bank continues to support sports initiatives and contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically the third goal, “Good Health and Well-Being,” and the seventeenth goal, “Partnership for Sustainability Goals,” and the various activities that the Bank provides to its clients and the community, to build a healthy, sustainable, sporting future for the youth.

Regarding other benefits, Al-Sayer commented that sports treat loneliness and contribute to reducing the use of mobile phones that increase the level of physical and mental stress, and enhance the spirit of belonging and one team, especially football, which depends on the spirit of team play and one team.

Al-Sayer also said that this continuous support by Warba Bank for the School League is an essential factor in the success of the competition and enriching it in all aspects, especially the marketing ones, adding that the sponsorship by Warba Bank gives the officials of the School League committee a great motivation; to work exponentially to contribute to the success of the League in line with the Bank’s directions of serving Kuwaiti sports in general and the Schools League in particular.

Al-Sayer praised those in charge of the Schools and Higher Education League and their unlimited support for the success of the league, as it comes in line with Warba Bank’s directions in supporting sports and the youth movement in Kuwait to employ youth creativity in programs that benefit Kuwaiti sports.

Al-Sayer concluded his statement saying that Warba Bank is keen to play a proactive role in nurturing Kuwaiti talents and supporting young Kuwaiti entrepreneurs, stressing that our sponsorship of sports leagues and institutions that contribute to spreading sports practices is not the first and will not be the last, in light of our efforts to encourage healthy and sports practices to build a sustainable future.

For his part, the Chairman of the Kuwait School and High Education Sports Federation, Faisal Abdullah Al-Maqseed, appreciated the great role played by Warba Bank in serving Kuwaiti sports, and its unlimited support and partnership with the Federation to achieve the desired goals for which it was found, represented in the development and return of school sports to its previous era.

Al-Maqseed stressed that the strategic partnership between the Kuwait School and High Education Sports Federation and Warba Bank is very important, as it comes as an extension of the series of ambitions and achievements that have been achieved since the establishment of the Federation. It aims to promote school and higher education sports and build a strong sports generation that can proudly represent our country at the local, regional, Arab and international levels.

Al-Maqseed pointed out that the Kuwait School and High Education Sports Federation always seeks joint cooperation with government agencies and private sector institutions to achieve community sports partnership and develop the level of sports activities, and also to achieve fruitful cooperation within the Federation’s strategy entitled (Our Talents in Our Schools 2021-2026). Certainly, this strategic cooperation will contribute effectively to achieving the desired goals, appreciating at the same time the role of the Public Authority for Sports and the Ministries of Education and Higher Education and universities in supporting the Federation.

Al-Maqseed stated that the Kuwait School and High Education Sports Federation is considered an educational sports organization that serves the sports field at all educational levels, starting from kindergarten until the end of the university stage, and it is a national sports body established in accordance with the provisions of the Sports Law. It was established in 2018, and it is also a national project. It is a qualitative, non-profit federation that aims to advance various sports fields in Kuwait.

Warba Bank is one of the banks that has achieved great successes in a short period, as it occupied a leading position in the field of Islamic digital banking services for individuals, and it is one of the largest local banks in the number of shareholders, and these are among the most prominent components that make the bank close to all members of society.

This news has been read 609 times!

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