Warba Bank organizes an awareness event to spread environmental awareness

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Kuwait City, June 12: Warba Bank organized an awareness event about the sustainability project and how to preserve the environment, in cooperation with the Dive 36 Center at Al-Khiran Mall, on the occasion of World Environment Day and Month, corresponding to June.

On this occasion, the Director Marketing and Corporate Communications at Warba Bank, Ayman Salem Al-Mutairi, said that Warba Bank’s organization of this event comes from Warba Bank’s belief that preserving the environment is everyone’s responsibility, in order to preserve the future of next generations, which may suffer if the current deterioration in the environment continues. The event was also organized to contribute to achieving environmental preservation and building a conscious generation by teaching children about sustainability and preserving the environment in the heart of the south at Al-Khiran Mall.

Al-Mutairi added that Warba Bank plays a major role in educating younger generation about the importance of sustainability and preserving the environment, and therefore the Bank was keen to be present at Al-Khiran Mall to deliver messages about this topic, as well as developing the skills of young children in this matter and teaching them about environmental awareness on World Environment Day.

He explained that part of Warba Bank’s sustainability plan is plant cultivation, where children are taught how to grow plants and clean the sea and islands, amid a large family atmosphere present at this event.

Al-Mutairi pointed out that Warba Bank always supports campaigns aiming to spread environmental awareness to ensure the preservation of cultural heritage for future generations, and this event also contributed to increasing awareness of the health risks of pollutants, plastic waste, and dangerous materials if they are neglected.

Al-Mutairi stated that this event also comes as part of the Bank’s strategic focus on sustainability for the year 2024 and under the ongoing social responsibility program towards the environment. We are keen to spread awareness among members of society to maintain a sustainable environment for all.

Al-Mutairi said that through this event, we would like to send a message to all visitors of beaches to protect them from the pollution that occurs as a result of leaving waste, and we are keen on the participation of families to instill the values of protecting the environment in the hearts of our children. Warba Bank will also continue to support many initiatives and activities concerned with the environmental aspect of preserving sustainability.

He explained that Warba Bank has issued its own report on sustainability for the year 2023, which includes disclosures about the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in addition to following the Central Bank of Kuwait’s guidelines on sustainable financing, the Capital Markets Authority’s sustainability report regulations, and the Kuwait Stock Exchange’s guide.

He pointed out that sustainability reports are an important tool for companies and institutions to demonstrate their commitment to social, environmental and economic responsibility, as they help enhance transparency and trust between companies, investors and society. In addition, reports help identify matters that can be improved in the Bank’s performance, to motivating it to take more sustainable and effective actions in the future, and as a tool to measure the Bank’s social, environmental and economic impact, sustainability reports also help enhance awareness of corporate social responsibility and its role in society and the environment. In doing so, reporting helps companies and banks improve their reputation, manage risk and meet clients’ growing needs for sustainable products and services.

He stated that Warba Bank is keen to monitor and measure the Bank’s performance at the level of environmental, social and governance (ESG) sustainability standards, and to inform relevant stakeholders of these achievements and commitments, indicating that Warba Bank views sustainability as one of the basic drivers of its vision.

Warba Bank is one of the banks that has achieved great successes in a short period, as it occupied a leading position in the field of Islamic digital banking services for individuals, and it is one of the largest local banks in the number of shareholders, and these are among the most prominent components that make the Bank close to all members of community.

This news has been read 424 times!

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