Waiter beaten to death by irate guests at a wedding in India

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The three accused were identified and have been taken into police custody.

NEW DELHI, Dec 9, (Agencies): In a tragic incident in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a waiter lost his life after being violently attacked by irate guests at a wedding hall. The fatal altercation occurred when the waiter, identified as Pankaj, accidentally touched a guest with unclean dishes he was carrying. On November 18, Pankaj’s lifeless body was discovered in the nearby forest of Garhi Katia village. Subsequent investigations by the police unveiled the horrifying details of the incident, revealing that the guests had ruthlessly beaten the waiter to death following the unintended contact with the unclean plates of food.

The assailants, upon realizing that the waiter had lost consciousness due to the severe beating, callously disposed of his body in the forest. Authorities, after delving into the case, apprehended a man associated with the wedding hall and two other employees. Following an autopsy, Pankaj’s body was handed over to his grieving family. The police issued a comprehensive statement outlining the tragic events, disclosing that the young man succumbed to a severe head injury. It was revealed during the investigation that Pankaj had taken up the role of a waiter at weddings to earn a livelihood.

Law enforcement officials visited the wedding hall, conducting interrogations with the employees. Valuable evidence about the incident was provided by the hall workers, shedding light on the unfortunate events of that fateful day. Additionally, the police consulted with Pankaj’s family members, who shared that he occasionally worked as a waiter in marriage halls. According to the family, Pankaj would sometimes be away from home for several days when engaged in such work. The news of his death and the discovery of his body in the forest came as a devastating blow to his loved ones.

This news has been read 1040 times!

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