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Friday , December 6 2019

Wafra & Abdali farms threatened as invasion of locusts expected

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 14: After the invasion of fl ies that hit the Kuwaiti farms early last December, Kuwait is waiting for another invasion, this time by swarms of locusts which are said to have ‘invaded’ parts of Saudi Arabia and in the UAE, amid expectations the numbers are dense this year and are expected to invade the farms of Wafra and Abdali, reports Al-Rai daily.

“If locusts reach Hafr al-Batin in Saudi Arabia, it is expected to enter Kuwait and look for greenery,” astronomer Adel al-Saadoun told the daily. “The last locust ‘invasion’ in Kuwait was in 1961 and 1962.” The locusts taste delicious, and there are no precautions that can be taken to prevent its spread, especially since they will be in millions,” he said.

Farmer Nasser Al-Azmi told the daily: “According to what we have seen in the sites, we expect that the swarms of locusts this year will be one of the largest we have experienced over the past years.” “There is no direct impact of locust swarms on crops in Kuwait, because most of them depend on covered greenhouses and their effect on open field crops is low because it comes at the end of the winter season.

At the time, Al-Azmi expressed his regret for the lack of awareness and warning from the concerned government authorities and the lack of information to the farmers. He said, “All locusts are collected and dried up and consumed throughout the year because it is very useful. This is strategic stockpile and what is said to be sprayed with chemicals does not frighten us. The locusts that have been sprayed are dead, but those who can fl y are completely safe. “

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