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Visit visas

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This week we received a number of questions on the issuance of visit visas after a new law in this regard was passed. The following are the questions but we will give one answer for all of them as these are related:

1: I last week got a visit visa for my mother which mentions stay for 90 days before the new rules for the visit visas were announced a few days ago. Do the new rules about stay in Kuwait only allowed for 30 days apply to the visit visas issued before July 7, 2015, the date on which the new rules were announced.

2: I got a family visit visa for my wife last month. It’s already been over 30 days since the issuance of the visa. The visa says it must be used within a month. But the new rules say that visit visas must be used within a month. In view of the circumstances can I bring my wife with the visa that I already have?.

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Answer: The new rules will only be applied to those visas which are issued after the issuance of the new law. As such, these new visas will clearly mention the duration for which these are valid and also the date by which these visas have to be used. But as a precaution, you are requested to check on the stamp (by the immigration authorities at the airport) on the passport of the visitor to be sure of the duration of stay so that you don’t violate the law.

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