Viral sensation: Cop capturing hearts at the Asian Games

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China’s most handsome police officer.

CHINA, Sept 28, (Agencies): Online, he’s become known as the “Most Handsome Police Officer” of Hangzhou, a city where he’s been diligently patrolling the streets during a recent event. A video featuring this unnamed officer went viral on Douyin and quickly spread across various social media platforms.

This viral video, which propelled him to online fame, originally appeared on TikTok, courtesy of the state-owned TV network PhoenixTV. In the video, he’s shown assisting pedestrians and maintaining a vigilant watch over the area. The video’s caption humorously remarked, “Hangzhou has an abundance of handsome cops now? They’ve truly gone all out for the Asian Games.”

With his commanding presence, chiseled features, and undeniable charisma, comparisons have arisen between him and Chinese actor Hu Yi Tian as well as Hong Kong actor and singer Kenny Kwan. In a recent interview, this 1.85-meter-tall (6 feet) officer modestly admitted that he’s noticed people doing double takes as they pass by him.

Despite the newfound attention, he remains humble, emphasizing that he’s simply carrying out his duty to ensure the safety of everyone attending the Asian Games. With a playful smile, he added, “When faced with difficulties, do look for a police officer. All of us are handsome.”

Netizens couldn’t help but be charmed by this dashing officer, with many expressing their desire to visit Hangzhou solely because of him. Some even jokingly suggested that he consider an acting career, given his striking looks, with the potential to become a leading man in a Chinese drama series. Others humorously quipped that they might consider committing a minor offense just to have him as their arresting officer.

This news has been read 1292 times!

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