Violence against parents rises

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Drugs, various apps, brutal films boost crime

KUWAIT CITY, May 24: How cruel is it for children to disown and disobey their parents?! How difficult are the moments when you hear or read about the crimes of children assaulting their parents? How tragic is the frequency of such crimes which are chilling and unacceptable to the mind and humanity?, reports Al-Anba daily. These fathers and mothers spend their lives raising their children, but in the end, what they receive in return is ingratitude and denial from their children.

However, what is worse and more damning is being assaulted and even murdered by them. The most recent of these heinous crimes was what Firdaus area had witnessed recently when a young man shot and killed his father because of a domestic dispute. The Public Prosecution had ordered the detention of the perpetrator pending this case, which is not the first of its kind. In just two years, there have been five cases of fathers being murdered by their children.

Also, about 1,400 felonies and misdemeanors of assault have occured on fathers and mothers by their children in these two years. According to officials and specialists in psychology and sociology, the use of narcotics is the main reason why such violent crimes are being committed, especially the crime of children assaulting their fathers.

They highlighted the statistics that reveal a 100 percent increase in crimes, cases of domestic violence and children’s disobedience during the year 2022. In addition, a psychological researcher at Kuwait University Dr. Amthal Al-Huwailah explained that the phenomenon of children assaulting parents is subject to psychological factors, like the rest of the crimes. This is because every crime has a bad psychological motive behind it, such as hysterical anger and outbursts.

The killer loses control of his emotions, especially if he is under the influence of liquor or any types of drugs that affect the mind and hinder it from sound and balanced thinking. Some of these crimes indicate a psychological and social imbalance. Other causes are mental illnesses and behavioral disorders. Assaulting parents is considered the most severe and heinous crime because parents represent a great status with children, and also because of their status with Allah, as they are considered one of the gates of heaven. Dr. Al-Huwailah said, “Whoever commits such crimes either suffers from family pressures and has a difficult and unbalanced social upbringing or suffers from psychological and mental disorders, or excessive pampering. Drug abuse is the most prominent reason.”

She added that the proliferation of modern technologies, various applications, and the effects of violent films are the biggest source of deviant personality. They explained that the use of psychotropic substances can cause psychological imbalance and push its user to commit any crime. The imbalance in the system of values requires a decisive stand by the authorities and civil society institutions to address the imbalance. There is a need to support the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Interior in combating the scourge of drugs, which requires supportive community efforts.

In terms of security, informed sources from the General Department of Criminal Investigation said the research and investigation departments in the six governorates, in addition to other security departments, dealt with about 1,400 felonies and misdemeanors related to children assaulting their parents in the last two years. One of the sources said, “The crime of the son killing his father in Firdous area with a firearm a few days ago brought back to mind the murder of a mother by her two daughters in Doha area in March 2022. It reopened the file of heinous crimes committed by children against their parents, something that has become a threat to society, especially in light of the spread of narcotic substances, the targeting of Kuwaiti youth with toxic substances, and the incitement to violence on some social media sites.

The outposts are now receiving complaints from parents against their children on an almost daily basis. Most of these complaints have a common factor, which is the use of mentally affecting substances or drugs and intoxicants, as sudden bouts of violence, and mental and nervous disorders may occur in the users. Modern technologies and some communication sites have isolated family members from each other, along with bad companionship, satellite channels, the Internet, and social networking sites that are abound with violence.” They said investigations are ongoing with the accused, who has been detained based on orders from the Public Prosecution Office, adding that a guard has been posted outside the residence of the dead man’s family. After the accused was arrested, he confessed to having committed the incident. He admitted to shooting his father with a firearm and killing him after disagreements and altercations. An informed source said the accused also admitted that he was planning to kill all members of his family.

Lawyer Osama Al-Sanad said the punishment for children who kill their parents is the punishment prescribed in the Penal Code. In a press statement, he explained that the punishment depends on the legal characterization of the crime. It can even reach a death sentence in case of intentional killing, and a maximum of ten years in case of beating that leads to death. There are also penalties not exceeding three years in other cases. The two crimes of parents killing their children and children killing their parents are considered equal in law, as they are considered a crime punishable by the Penal Code according to the adaptation of the crime to each incident separately. It could be intentional killing, or a fatal beating that led to death, or wrongful death.

Lawyer Al-Sanad revealed that the number of domestic violence crimes and assaults against parents doubled during the year 2022, increasing from 1,292 in 2021 to 2,223 crimes in 2022. He said, “Many recent legislations in other countries pay great attention to the motive behind the crime”. Furthermore, former Sharia lecturer and head of the Ashraqat Amal Center for Psychological and Social Counseling, and Lawyer in the courts of Cassation and Constitution Dr. Saad Al-Anzi affirmed that disobedience towards parents is considered a great sin.

This news has been read 10725 times!

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