Video cams ‘destroyed’ by owner’s son

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 15: In a peculiar turn of events, detectives have unraveled the mystery behind the deliberate destruction of external CCTV cameras at a family’s residence. The incident stemmed from complaints by neighbors alleging that the father of the household was covertly monitoring them through the cameras. What makes this story particularly intriguing is that initially, a case was filed against an unidentified perpetrator.

However, with the persistence of the father, who lodged an official report seeking to unveil the culprit responsible for damaging the cameras, detectives were prompted to delve deeper into the matter, reports Al- Anba daily. The saga began when a concerned citizen, born in 1972, approached the Abdullah and Ali Sabah Al-Salem Port police station to report the deliberate vandalism of a surveillance camera by an unknown individual. The case registered as No. 92/2024, was initially categorized as a misdemeanor and subsequently referred for investigation.

As detectives probed further, they uncovered a surprising revelation—the perpetrator turned out to be none other than the 28-year-old son of the complainant. During interrogation, the son disclosed his motivation for his actions, citing numerous complaints from neighbors alleging his father’s intrusive surveillance activities. According to him, these complaints were fueled by suspicions of his father suffering from psychological disorders. With this revelation, the case was swiftly concluded, and the perpetrator was apprehended, closing the chapter on the puzzling incident.

This news has been read 2249 times!

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