User discontent grows as YouTube tightens its grip on ad-blockers

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YouTube has launched a global campaign against ad-blocking extensions.

NEW YORK, Nov 2, (Agencies): YouTube has launched a global campaign against ad-blocking extensions, expanding a small experiment that began in June. Some YouTube users are encountering a disruptive prompt when attempting to watch videos while using a browser with an ad-blocker. This prompt emphasizes that “ad-blockers violate YouTube’s Terms of Service” and encourages users to either enable ads on YouTube or subscribe to YouTube Premium.

While some users can still use YouTube with ad-blockers, an increasing number have reported seeing this prompt. There have been instances where users can proceed to watch videos, while others are almost entirely blocked.

Google has officially confirmed YouTube’s crackdown on ad-blockers, indicating that the use of ad-blockers breaches YouTube’s Terms of Service. Google stated that they have launched a global initiative to persuade users with ad-blockers to enable ads on YouTube or opt for the ad-free experience offered by YouTube Premium.

YouTube’s terms of service explicitly prohibit users from modifying the service, attempting to interfere with security-related features, or circumventing content copying restrictions. Ad-blocking extensions, such as Adblock Plus, have sought ways to continue serving YouTube users, but Google is actively making it more challenging for these extensions to function.

While many users have expressed their displeasure over YouTube’s intensified efforts against ad-blocking, it’s important to recognize that YouTube’s primary source of revenue is advertising. Google is determined to sustain this revenue stream, even if it means upsetting some users. This is evident in Google’s experiments, including the introduction of 30-second unskippable ads on YouTube for TV viewers.

The objective for Google is to encourage ad-averse users to transition to YouTube Premium, which saw a price increase in July. Experiments aimed at driving users to this premium service have included requiring a subscription to watch 4K videos and increasing the frequency of unskippable ads.

This news has been read 935 times!

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