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Monday , September 26 2022

US envoy takes to Twitter

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KUWAIT CITY, June 17: The US Ambassador to Kuwait, Her Excellency Alina Romanowski said she was pleased to join the Twitter world through the social media platform, pointing out that social media is an important way to communicate with Kuwaitis and get to know each other, and to stay informed, in addition to interacting on important topics, especially during the period of social estrangement because of the outbreak of the corona epidemic, reports Al-Rai daily.

US Ambassador to Kuwait Alina L. Romanowski

The daily said, it is an indication that the US envoy aspires to meet more Kuwaiti people face to face. However, Romanowski told the daily, that she “felt very happy to see this great amount of welcome as soon as her first tweet was published on (Monday), which I see is a reflection of the hospitality of every Kuwaiti person I have met since I arrived here.”

She added that she will “work hard to respond to the comments of the followers and interact with them on topics of interest to them, thanks to all the followers (the number exceeded 5,000 until Monday evening), and look forward to using this important platform in a meaningful way while I am here.”

Romanowski launched a new account for her on Twitter, and wrote in her first tweet, ‘Hello, Kuwait! Here is the US Ambassador Alina Romanowski and I am happy to be here on Twitter. I am honored to represent the United States as an ambassador to the State of Kuwait, and thank you to everyone I have met so far – whether personally or otherwise – and I look forward to strengthening our relationship during my time here. ”

Although most of the responses welcome the new ambassador and confirm the depth and strategy of the relations between the United States and Kuwait, dozens of comments carried messages that Kuwait is committed to the right of the Palestinians and the solution of the Palestinian issue. The responses were not without humor, as some of the comments carried questions about the “Green Card” and others regarding the refusal of the visa for some.

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