Urgent call for Kuwaitization: Civil Service Commission administration under scrutiny

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Kuwaitization drive targets Civil Service Commission administration, sources reveal.

KUWAIT CITY, April 24: In a recent statement to Al-Anbaa, sources emphasized the critical need to expedite efforts to Kuwaitize the administration of the Civil Service Commission. It was revealed that the Commission Affairs Department currently employs 14 individuals, with 8 of them being non-Kuwaiti.

This move is deemed urgent within the framework of the Civil Service Commission’s decisions, which mandate all ministries, government agencies, and institutions to achieve 100% Kuwaitization of their workforce.

The sources further elaborated, stating that this initiative includes the assignment of tasks to qualified individuals based on their competency and experience in relevant fields. They emphasized that such measures would enhance effectiveness and efficiency, boost confidence in job performance, foster discipline and responsibility, and mitigate the risks of corruption and wastage.

In a related development, the Civil Service Commission has approved the renewal of granting the annual financial bonus, not the monthly bonus, to members of the Legal Department at Kuwait Municipality. This bonus is equivalent to the grades received by members of the Fatwa and Legislation Department for the fiscal year 2023-2024.

As per the commission’s approval, which was obtained by Al-Anbaa, the annual remuneration for the positions of director and deputy director of management is set at 18 thousand dinars, equivalent to the position of vice president and deputy director of management in Fatwa and Legislation, corresponding to the excellent grade in the general salary scale.

Additionally, a reward of 12 thousand dinars has been allocated for the position of interview advisor, corresponding to the advisor position in Fatwa and Legislation, and the interview for the Undersecretary position in the general salary scale.

For the position of assistant advisor, a reward of 8,000 dinars has been stipulated, aligning with the assistant advisor position in “Fatwa and Legislation,” as well as the assistant undersecretary position in the general salary scale.

This news has been read 1013 times!

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