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Sunday , September 26 2021

Update sought on demographic issue

KUWAIT CITY, July 12: MP Muhannad Al- Sayer has forwarded queries to His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid about the latter’s statement that Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) published on June 3, 2020 regarding the plan of the government to address the demographic imbalance issue in three stages in order to reach the ideal proportion — 70 percent Kuwaitis and 30 percent expatriates. He wants to know the measures that the government has taken since HH the Prime Minister issued the press statement one year ago; legal, administrative and technical bases of the press statement; studies carried out by the government in this regard; if the three stages are based on statistics; and period of implementing these three stages.

Meanwhile, MP Hesham Al- Saleh asked Minister of Finance and Minister of State for Economic and Investment Affairs Khalifa Hamada about the number of cases that citizens have filed against the decisions of the Public Institution for Social Security (PIFSS) since January 2019 till date, how many verdicts were in favor of the citizens, and how many of these verdicts have been implemented. MP Marzouq Al-Khalifa disclosed that Hamada gave unsatisfactory responses to his queries about the deal settled by Wafra Company, which is owned by PIFSS, for the purchase of Al- Raya Tower Two. He said the minister concealed some important information and this indicates the deal is suspicious as it is aimed at granting privileges to traders at the expense of the retirees. He intends to submit another set of queries to the minister whom he might grill if he is not satisfied with the answers to the second set of queries.

MP Mubarak Al-Arow also asked Hamada about the Kuwaitis and foreigners who have received commissions for purchase and supply contracts in the last five years and the amount of commission given to each of them. MP Abdulkareem Al-Kandari urged Minister of Oil and Higher Education Dr Muhammad Al-Fares to rectify errors in the admission of students to universities and scholarships, investigate the issue, and make sure the procedures are based on fair and transparent criteria. MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji called on Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Justice and Minister of State for Nazaha Enhancement Abdullah Al-Rumi to take the necessary steps to address the rising number of murder cases. He stressed the need to execute those proven guilty of murder in public to serve as a deterrent and to protect the society.

On the other hand, MP Ali Al- Qattan submitted a bill to establish another shareholding company for touristic and entertainment enterprises in a bid to break monopoly and enhance competitiveness, which are necessary to develop the local tourism sector. According to the bill, six to 24 percent of the shares of the proposed company will be allocated for public institutions, 26 percent for companies registered at the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), and 50 percent for public subscription for citizens. In addition, National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim sent cables to his counterparts in Sao Tome and Principe Delfim Neves and in Kiribati Tangariti Reete to greet them on the National Day of their respective countries. Also, Al-Ghanim recently met his Turkish counterpart Mustafa Şentop and the accompanying delegation; during which they discussed ways to further strengthen ties between Kuwait and Turkey in all fields, especially the legislature. They also talked about Islamic and regional issues of mutual concern. Turkish Ambassador to Kuwait Ayşe Hilal Sayan Koytak, Deputy Speaker of the Assembly MP Ahmed Al-Shuhoumi, Secretary of the accompanying committee MP Farz Al-Daihani, Secretary General of the Assembly Adel Al-Lugani; and MPs Ahmed Al-Hamad, Homoud Al-Azmi, Khalid Al-Anzi, Saad Al-Khanfour, Hesham Al- Saleh and Salman Al-Azmi were present at the meeting. By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff

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