Unresolved traffic law violations skyrocket to 1.7 million

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Major Mohammed Saad Al-Otaibi

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 15, (Agencies): In a recent disclosure, Major Mohammed Saad Al-Otaibi, the Director of the Traffic Violations Investigation Department at the General Traffic Department, has unveiled concerning statistics surrounding unsettled traffic violations in Kuwait for the year 2023.

Major Al-Otaibi revealed that an astonishing 1,748,368 traffic violations linger unresolved in 2023, amassing a total value surpassing 44 million dinars. Failure to address these violations promptly will result in their referral to the Traffic Court. The cumulative value of traffic violations for 2023 has soared to nearly 66 million dinars, contributing to an amassed total of close to a quarter of a billion dinars from 2020 until the present.

Major Al-Otaibi stressed the repercussions of delayed payments for these unsettled violations, urging violators to settle their fines without delay. Notably, he highlighted that a portion of these violations is attributed to expatriates who have permanently departed from the country.

Commending the decision of First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, Major Al-Otaibi applauded the preventative measure to halt the travel of any expatriate or Gulf citizen without clearing their dues, including traffic violations. He expressed confidence in the decision’s potential to reduce the value of unsettled violations, citing the successful collection of 6.5 million dinars in September of the preceding year following the decision.

Emphasizing the core purpose of traffic laws in reducing accidents and minimizing road casualties, Major Al-Otaibi acknowledged the inadequacy of penalties in the current law as a deterrent. This insufficiency has prompted the Ministry of Interior to propose a draft law aiming to intensify penalties for traffic violations. Major Al-Otaibi shared insights into the deportation of 122 expatriates from the country due to serious violations, with an expectation of a rise by the year’s end. He affirmed the right of any violator to contest a violation through the investigative process if they perceive it as undeserved.

In addressing concerns about system errors, Major Al-Otaibi detailed the efficiency of the current traffic violations system, which has phased out paper violations and transitioned to automated processes through programs and monitoring devices. Providing a comprehensive overview, Major Al-Otaibi delved into the proposed key points of the draft law, the advantageous aspect of reciprocity with other countries, and the success of the electronic payment system in collecting fines. He also addressed discrepancies in vehicle registration leading to violations recorded on individuals and outlined the procedure taken in such cases.

Presenting the accumulated value of fines from 2020 until now, Major Al-Otaibi demonstrated a substantial increase in the number of violations and corresponding fines over the years. He provided insights into the distribution of violations and the prevalence of electronic payment methods. In conclusion, Major Al-Otaibi affirmed the correctness of the decision to prevent the travel of expatriates and Gulf nationals unless they settle their fines.

He underscored the positive impact of this decision, with 6.5 million dinars collected in September alone. As Kuwait confronts the challenges posed by unresolved traffic violations, the proposed draft law, once considered by the National Assembly, seeks to bolster penalties and contribute to safer roads in the country.

This news has been read 719 times!

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