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Uncollected Civil IDs of stranded expats hinder storage capacity

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Over 200,000 cards lying in machines

KUWAIT CITY, July 3: There are more than 200,000 civil identification cards that are ready for delivery and stacked in the civil information services, particularly civil IDs belonging to those stranded abroad, reports Al- Qabas daily. According to an official of the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI), the currently stacked cards hinder the storage of the newlyissued cards. However, PACI has a plan to provide the civil ID cards to those who need them urgently, especially children under the age of five, and domestic workers, given that the “My Identity” app does not cover them yet. Most of the stacked cards belong to people who renewed their residency abroad and paid the civil issuance fees.

The official said the “My Identity” app has saved a lot of effort for citizens and residents, especially since its use is approved by state institutions, banks and other agencies. He indicated that all citizens’ requests for civil IDs will be met this week, which will be followed immediately by the completion of requests for children under the age of five years, and then the rest of the categories within a short period of time.

The daily toured PACI offices, where the general public praised the efforts exerted by the production department to provide civil cards to those who need them urgently due to their overseas travel or treatment commitments and other cases. Also, the rate of download of PACI’s “My Identity” app has increased due to its use as an alternative to the civil ID, and as proof that its holder has obtained a vaccination certificate issued by the Ministry of Health. According to an official, there is a continuous update on the app data related to vaccination. An update is made when a person visits the center and registers for the vaccine through the Ministry of Health automated system. The app also provides the ability to update information continuously. Many citizens and residents find it convenient to use the “My Identity” app for banking transactions and when they visit government agencies. They also use it for the online services of some government agencies.

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