Unauthorized Gatherings or Marches Prohibited in Kuwait

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KUWAIT CITY, Mar 2: In compliance with directives from the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, and Acting Minister of Interior, Sheikh Fahd Al-Yousef, the Ministry of Interior emphasizes the prohibition of unauthorized gatherings or marches, except as permitted by established laws and regulations.

The General Administration of Security Relations and Media urges all individuals to adhere to the legal requirements and regulations governing the organization of gatherings or marches. It emphasizes that conducting such events without obtaining proper authorization from relevant authorities constitutes a violation of the law, subjecting individuals to legal consequences.

Furthermore, the Ministry prohibits the dissemination of advertisements on social media platforms promoting unauthorized gatherings or marches. It stresses that no permits have been issued by the Ministry for such events advertised on social media, and calls on all parties to respect and comply with the applicable laws and regulations.

This news has been read 3220 times!

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