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UN praises Kuwait’s stand in Iraq’s efforts to retrieve missing Kuwaitis

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NEW YORK, Nov 10, (KUNA): The top UN envoy in Iraq highly acknowledged today Kuwait’s Government for its consistent support and understanding towards challenges faced by the Iraqi Government in its search for missing Kuwaiti persons and archives.

This was at the briefing held at the Security Council briefing on the twelfth report of the Secretary-General on the issue of missing Kuwaiti and third-country nationals, and missing Kuwaiti property, including the National Archives. Special Representative of the Secretary General for Iraq Jan Kubis also commended the Iraqi Government and particularly its Ministry of Defense for bolstering activities geared towards finding missing persons, injecting much needed energy and momentum into the file.

“Actions taken by the Iraqi counterparts, including following- up with witnesses in order to obtain more detailed information in support of the identification of potential burial sites, conducting numerous field visits, and internally reaching out to various departments and authorities to seek new leads, have demonstrated Iraq’s willingness and commitment to move this dossier forward,” he said. The UN official told the Council that Iraqi Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs had broadcasted on local and satellite television channels on Sept 18 for witnesses and all those with information pertaining to the missing Kuwaiti persons and property to come forward. The call has resulted in hundreds of phone calls from citizens claiming to know the whereabouts of both, he confirmed. “This information is currently being verified,” he said.

However, the UN official urged once again the Government of Iraq to continue with its efforts, to employ a multidimensional and innovative approach in its search for the missing persons, to rely on the wisdom and advice of the tripartite members, and to use inventive and creative ways of finding information, particularly in regards to the invaluable National Archives, so it can achieve tangible progress.

On behalf of Iraq, Ambassador Mohammad Al-Hakim lauded the strong bilateral relation his country has with Kuwait, thanking the efforts Kuwait’s Amir, Government and people in strengthening the relations. He affirmed to the Council his country’s commitment to work and to establish developed results in the missing Kuwaiti people, property, including the National Archives. Al-Hakim said they have recently participated in a joint technical workshop with a Kuwaiti delegation to issue new maps according to the recognized international borders between Iraq and Kuwait. Under the UN supervision, the Iraqi official said both parts have agreed to start an 18-month project to issue the new maps.

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