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UCCS seeks list of vacant posts at all co-ops for ‘Kuwaitization’

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‘Panel to meet to discuss replacement process’

KUWAIT CITY, July 13: Deputy Chairman of the Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies (UCCS) Khaled Al-Hudhaiban says he has addressed all cooperative societies to start listing all the vacant positions therein, based on continued keenness to support the national workforce by implementing the Kuwaitization policy on the supervisory positions in cooperative societies, reports Aljarida daily.

He revealed that the committee in charge of Kuwaitization of jobs in cooperative societies is headed by the undersecretary of Ministry of Social Affairs, and has the Director of Cooperative Oversight Department in the ministry and Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies as members, adding that the committee is planning to hold meetings soon to discuss the replacement process. Al-Hudhaiban stressed that the Kuwaitization of supervisory positions within the cooperative societies is a priority for the committee during the current stage.

He said, “The ministry recently sent a circular to the union with the conditions that must be met by the applicants for occupying supervisory positions in accordance with ministerial Resolution No. 16/2016 regarding the organization of cooperative work.

The union in turn circulated these conditions to the cooperative societies. The conditions as per the circular are:

1. The applicant must be a Kuwaiti national who does not work in any other place.
2. The applicant should have a university qualification that commensurate with the candidate for the position.
3. The applicant must have experience of no less than five years or hold a specialized certificate and have experience of not less than ten years, taking into account that the experience is appropriate in both cases for the nature of cooperative work The contract is limited to one year and it is not permissible to amend or renew its terms without the approval of the Ministry of Social Affairs.”

Furthermore, Al-Hudhaiban said a circular has been forwarded to all the cooperative societies concerning the need to address the ministry with a list of vacant jobs, and the ministry would in turn address the Public Authority for Manpower to announce these jobs. He explained that it is necessary to address the ministry to obtain its approval to advertise these jobs.

The employment applications, after they are received, will be presented to the Financial and Administrative Committee of the union, and then the approval of the board of directors for the names and jobs that are chosen will be sought.

After that, the ministry will be addressed with a request to appoint to the concerned cooperative society and attach all the required documents. Al-Hudhaiban affirmed the union’s strong support for the implementation of the Kuwaitization and replacement policy in cooperative societies in a manner that guarantees provision of suitable jobs for citizens.

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