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Tuesday , December 7 2021

Truffle market sees relative calm – Absence of Kuwaiti truffles

Traders complain of weak consumer demand

KUWAIT CITY, April 14: The truffle market in Al-Rai area has witnessed relative calm with just a small influx of citizens and residents, in the absence of the Kuwaiti truffle, which entered the market for a limited period months ago, while the Saudi, Iraqi and Iranian truffles dominated the market at varying prices according to size, reports Al-Qabas daily.

While large quantities of imported truffles were available from Libya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Tunisia in stalls, owners complained of weak consumer demand at the beginning of the month compared to the last three months. The majority of available varieties were “Shahba and Zubaidi”, which are larger than others, the prices ranging from two dinars for one kilogram of the Iranian “small and medium size” type, 4.5 for a large size, while Iraqi prices ranged between 5 for small-sized, 6 for medium and large, while Saudi prices ranged between 4 and 8 dinars by size.

Drying storage it was noticed that prices are currently falling satisfactorily where one kilo of some varieties were sold for 12 dinars, the average 15 dinars, and the big during the previous months was sold for between 18 and 25 dinars, and the Shahba was sold for 20 dinars per kilo, while the ‘Zubaidi’ was sold for 25 and 28 dinars per kilo. The Kuwaitis pointed out they have purchased truffles recently and cleaned it because of suspected dust and refrigerated to put on the breakfast tables during the next Ramadan.

The head of the planning and follow- up team in the management of airport projects in the Ministry of Public Works Alaa Al Omar, has announced the start of the manufacture and delivery of 2,069 samples of the outer shell parts of the Kuwait International Airport Project 2, indicating that the installation of the first piece will begin at the end of the month, reports Al-Jarida daily.

Al-Omar said this during a tour of the project, which included its factories, tunnels and the new service building adding many achievements have been made during the previous phase of the project which consists of 3 packages. The first package consists of the main building, the central station, the utility tunnels and the water tank building, while the second includes the service buildings, the roads leading to the airport, the car parking building and the water treatment plant.

The third is currently under construction and includes corridors, parking for cars and tarmac and civil aviation services. Al-Omar pointed out that this project has many systems, and the design of the building has received many awards. “Kuwait’s facade will be proud of all of them.” The project is now on the ground of reality after the tunnels and ground works have been completed. “But the picture will be clear in the coming months, after the building is completed and we will start the finishing work.”

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