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‘Traffic violators find ways to dodge paying massive fines’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 5: The average number of traffic citations registered in a year is two million, as per a report issued by the General Traffic Department, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting reliable sources. They explained that traffic citations worth about KD 12 million have been registered in the past six years. This includes direct citations worth KD 3 million and indirect citations worth KD 9 million.

Some of the traffic fines have not been collected yet due to manipulation of the process or the final exit of expatriates from the country. Most of the citations were issued for speeding violation. Denying that the collected amounts are referred to the Finance Department of Ministry of Interior, the sources revealed that fines worth million of dinars have so far been directed to the state treasury.

They said the total number of traffic violators objecting the fines every year is 170,000, indicating that there are traffic violators whose fines are almost KD 4,000. The sources revealed that some violators register their vehicles under the names of their children and some even under the names of their drivers in order to avoid paying the dues.

They explained that a large number of traffic fines have not been collected so far because of the manipulations by some violators in the traffic department such as registering huge citations under the names of their minor children with the impression that the children will not be referred to the concerned authorities. Some others register under the names of their domestic workers so that the latter will be deported and they will not be held accountable. Some expatriates also manipulate the system and refrain from paying the fines due to non-existence of a process that bans an expatriate from leaving the country without paying his dues.

Meanwhile, the Traffic Flow Organization Department affiliated to the General Traffic Department Monday launched a traffic campaign in several areas of Capital Governorate during which 1,440 traffic citations were issued and 29 vehicles were seized. In a press release issued by Ministry of Interior, the Public Relations and Security Media Department explained that 46 citations were issued for parking in spaces allocated for the disabled individuals, 168 for not wearing seat belts and 69 for using mobile phones with hands while driving. The department affirmed that such a campaign will be held in all governorates periodically to ensure the traffic laws are followed.

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