Traffic violations soar in 2023: Over 853,000 red light offenses recorded

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General Traffic Department reports 8,540 reckless driving cases and 853,220 red light crossings in 2023.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 28: In a recent announcement, the General Traffic Department revealed a surge in traffic violations during 2023. 853,220 red light violations were recorded throughout the year, indicating a significant rise in non-compliance with traffic signals.

Adding to the alarming statistics, the department disclosed that a total of 8,540 violations categorized as “reckless driving” were documented during the same period. These violations occurred between January 1 and December 31, averaging 711 violations per month. The figures underscore a noteworthy frequency of incidents classified as reckless driving, emphasizing the need for increased awareness and enforcement measures to ensure road safety.

The General Traffic Department expressed its commitment to addressing the escalating trend of traffic violations and reinforcing measures to promote responsible driving behavior. Authorities urged the public to adhere to traffic regulations, emphasizing compliance’s critical role in safeguarding lives and maintaining order on the roads.

This news has been read 769 times!

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