Traffic Department cracks down on noise pollution vehicles in Jahra

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The Traffic Department conducts a vehicle noise pollution campaign in Jahra Industrial Estate.

KUWAIT CITY, April 9: The General Traffic Department, through its inspection team, recently launched a comprehensive campaign in the Jahra Industrial Estate aimed at addressing vehicles emitting disruptive sounds. The initiative targeted vehicles causing noise pollution and aimed to deter violations by affixing stickers to offending vehicles and modifying their appearance.

In a statement released by the General Department of Security Relations and Media, it was disclosed that the campaign yielded significant results. A total of 110 traffic violations were issued, and two vehicles were impounded at the traffic garage due to excessive noise emanating from their exhaust systems.

The crackdown underscores the Traffic Department’s commitment to enhancing road safety and preserving the quality of life for residents by curbing noise pollution generated by vehicles. Such measures aim to uphold traffic regulations and ensure a peaceful environment for all road users and residents in the Jahra Industrial Estate.

This news has been read 698 times!

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