Tish Cyrus exposes depths of her emotional Struggle before divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus

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Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus.

LOS ANGELES, Feb 8, (Agencies): Tish Cyrus finds herself in a content and joyful space these days. On the “Sorry We’re Stoned” podcast, which she co-hosts with her daughter Brandi Cyrus, the 56-year-old Nashville native reflected on the significant life change she underwent in April 2022 – her divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus.

Recounting her apprehension during the decision-making process to end her 30-year marriage, Tish shared on the podcast, “I’m over 50, I’ll be 57 this year. And when I literally was going through my divorce and trying to make that decision of stepping out of a 30-year marriage, I was terrified mostly.” She emphasized that women over a certain age can indeed find love again.

Brandi, 36, chimed in, recalling, “And she really thought it was over.” Tish affirmed, “No, I thought I was going to be alone forever. And that was one of the times that I had the crippling breakdown of anxiety. I joke about it and say I had a complete psychological breakdown. There were 30 days where I was not eating, sleeping, just felt like I was just coming out of my skin. And it was really scary.”

Tish and Billy Ray, 62, exchanged vows in 1993 and share three children together: Miley, Braison, and Noah. Additionally, Billy Ray adopted Tish’s children from a previous relationship, Brandi and Trace.

Expressing empathy for women facing similar circumstances, Tish shared, “I get why women are scared to leave, not only bad relationships, [but to] step into new careers and all these things. And I was literally terrified.” She went on to explain that, eventually, the decision to start anew felt like a weight lifted from her shoulders. Tish aspires to be a source of inspiration for women in her age group, advocating that sometimes starting over is the best course of action.

Reflecting on her journey, she continued, “I would love to just be this poster child for women our age and just be like, I promise you starting over sometimes is the best thing you can ever do. It’s been great for me.” Since her split from the “Achy Breaky Heart” hitmaker, Tish has found love again and remarried Dominic Purcell, known for his role in “Prison Break.”

This news has been read 364 times!

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