Thunderstorms accompanied by some hail, and the weather will continue until evening

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 18: Friday afternoon in Kuwait saw a captivating display of weather patterns. Low and medium clouds, mixed with cumulus formations, adorned the sky, accompanied by occasional thunderstorms and hail. Wind speeds exceeded 55 kilometers per hour, causing dust and reducing visibility. Sea waves surged over 6 feet due to the turbulent conditions. This phenomenon is influenced by the seasonal India depression, bringing hot and humid air. Meteorologists had predicted sporadic rains, thunderstorms, and hail, with strong winds stirring up dust.

As the Kuwait Meteorological Department continues to monitor and analyze these atmospheric dynamics, the public is advised to remain informed and exercise caution during these unique weather events. Staying attuned to official announcements and safety guidelines will ensure the well-being of all residents amidst these awe-inspiring natural occurrences.

This news has been read 27275 times!

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