Thief returns stolen money with apology letter after nearly 30 years

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The family was presented with both an apology letter and the cash.

DUBAI, April 15: In a surprising turn of events, a thief in Sulaymaniyah, situated in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, has made amends for a crime committed nearly three decades ago. Accompanied by a letter of apology, the unidentified individual returned money stolen years ago to the rightful owners, sparking intrigue and admiration within the community.

The incident unfolded on a quiet Saturday evening when a masked individual approached a residence in Sulaymaniyah. Startling the family inside, the masked figure handed a bag to a woman who answered the door before swiftly departing the scene.

Upon inspection, the family discovered 400,000 Iraqi dinars (equivalent to approximately $300) enclosed within the bag, accompanied by a letter penned in Kurdish. Hirsch Karim, a member of the household, shared that the letter recounted the theft of 400 Iraqi Swiss dinars, a currency once in circulation in the Kurdistan region. The theft had occurred between 1990 and 1998 at Karim’s father’s home in the Rizgari neighborhood south of Sulaymaniyah.

Expressing profound remorse, the letter’s author confessed to the theft, expressing regret for the actions taken out of desperation. The writer lamented their inability to locate the family after they had moved, leading to the decision to return the stolen funds after nearly three decades. The heartfelt gesture aimed to seek forgiveness for the wrongdoing committed in the past.

The unexpected return of the stolen money and the accompanying apology letter have garnered widespread attention on social media platforms. Images of the letter have circulated widely, evoking sympathy and admiration from users who commend the thief’s belated but meaningful act of restitution.

As the mystery surrounding the identity of the repentant thief persists, the incident serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring power of redemption and forgiveness within communities.

This news has been read 1358 times!

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