Thick layers of snow envelope European roads and highways

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STOCKHOLM, Jan 4: Truck drivers and other motorists found themselves stranded in a wintry predicament on major roadways in Europe overnight, as nearly 10 inches of snow blanketed some areas within 24 hours. Thick layers of snow, coupled with strong winds, trapped hundreds of vehicles on a crucial roadway in southern Sweden throughout Wednesday night. The severity of the situation prompted emergency workers to seek assistance from the Swedish military.

Snow is cleared with wheel loaders as vehicles are recovered and people evacuated on the E22 between Horby and Kristianstad in southern Sweden. AP

By Thursday afternoon, rescue workers had successfully evacuated all individuals willing to abandon their vehicles. However, numerous cars and trucks were expected to remain stuck along a 12-mile stretch of European Route E22 until Friday morning. Many drivers and passengers endured a challenging night and morning, facing a shortage of supplies. Erika Sepeliovaite, 39, who was traveling home to the city of Malmo with her two teenage sons and their dog, shared her experience, stating, “Behind my car, there is a driver who is sick, and people are trying to call an ambulance. It is terrible. We need water and food.” The situation painted a stark picture of the challenges faced by those caught in the unexpected snowfall, emphasizing the need for assistance and resources for the stranded motorists. (Agencies)

This news has been read 835 times!

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