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The residents of Khaitan breathed a sigh of relief after 3 weeks of isolation

KUWAIT CITY, Jun 21: The residents of the Khaitan area specially those who have lived most of their life in Khaitan breathed a sigh of relief after the three-week isolation was lifted.

The decision to de-isolate Khaitan came as a pleasant surprise to the residents of the region who were expecting to extend their isolation period, along with their neighbors Farwaniya region. Although the conditions and nature of the Khaitan region is similar to Farwaniya area.

Abdel Mohsen al-Nubi described the barbed wire which surrounded entire area from north, south, east and west was an unforgettable horror, he waited for this moment to remove all barriers and barbed wire from the area to feel the freedom once again where he has been living for more than 20 years. 

Life gradually began with some activities in Khaitan but the life of daily wage expats is still imperfect since most of the activities that are related to the nature of their work in the field of construction are still suspended, as well as cafes and phones workers all waiting to allow them to start their activity.

Employment awaiting those who need it to work (Photo: Bassam Zidan/alqabas)

In front of a building material store, Yousry Fawzi was sitting and waiting for a decision to allow them to carry on their activities “since the beginning of the Corona virus crisis and we are counting the days day by day, pending the government’s permission to open our stores, I know that the decision to open all activities is linked to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, but we hope to open it soon, so we can return to our work. ”

Fawzi said “When this shops were closed, the employee have been affected, as well as the customer, and even the impact was felt by pickup drivers who deliver construction materials to work sites”

After the isolation was removed from the area vehicles of all types and sizes were moving from the entrances and exits of the region which confirmed that the wheel of life began to spin again for Khaitan residents.

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