The phone is good for mental health but beware of excessive use

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The adverse impacts of excessive screen time should not be overlooked. A study challenges earlier notion by suggesting that controlled cell phone use among teenagers can have mental health benefits, as reported by NYPost. This contradicts earlier warnings from numerous studies cautioning parents against allowing their children to use cell phones.

The study revealed that teenagers using a cell phone for one to two hours were less prone to depression, suicidal thoughts, sleep disorders, stress, and alcohol addiction compared to their peers. Conversely, those who exceeded four hours of usage exhibited higher rates of psychological disorders and addiction, reaching up to 22 percent, in contrast to teenagers with lower usage.

The research emphasized the positive impact on mental health when cell phone usage is limited to two hours or less. Previous studies had indicated that extensive screen time had detrimental effects on health and mental well-being. However, the new findings highlight the benefits of restricted screen use, particularly for teenagers, combating feelings of loneliness and isolation. Yet, when this two-hour threshold is surpassed, the study warns of adverse effects on mental health.

Teens utilizing a cell phone for two hours or less were found to be 30 percent less likely to experience stress, 27 percent less likely to suffer from sleep disorders, 38 percent less likely to face depression, 43 percent less likely to have suicidal thoughts, and 47 percent less likely to develop an addiction.

Researchers emphasize that the significant negative effects of excessive screen time should not be underestimated. Usage extending between four and six hours daily increased the likelihood of teenagers experiencing mental health problems, stress, obesity, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

This news has been read 1131 times!

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