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Tuesday , September 27 2022

The perfect crime … material, equipment worth over KD 390,000 ‘stolen’

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 10: The Al-Qabas daily has learned that equipment and construction material worth more than 390,000 dinars has been stolen from a construction site in the Jahra Governorate from a project which was stalled for more than two years ago for various reasons, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The report of the experts from the Ministry of Justice, a copy of which has been obtained by the daily, show the Construction and Maintenance Department of the Ministry of Interior had taken the workers and engineers off its site without allowing them to take out their equipment, machinery and materials when work on the project was stopped in 2017 due to the contractor’s failure to obtain a change order.

The Ministry of Justice was asked last week to send a specialized team to look at the site and to ensure its safety and the safety of the construction equipment and materials, which the contractor now claims has been stolen.

The report says some of the Ministry of Interior officials involved in the project learned of the theft, and after registering a complaint at the area police station, they did not inform the other relevant authorities, such as the project contractor who owns the equipment and other devices since the project was at the center of the dispute between the contractor and the ministry.

The daily added, following the dispute the project site was closed and the contractor was not allowed to take his equipment. According to the report, the stolen goods include 35 construction materials, site installations and electrical appliances, which cannot be stolen, except by destroying the site or entering illegally, in addition to stealing tons of iron, wood, and machinery that can only be taken using huge cranes and entering by the main gate using heavy duty trucks and trailer trucks.

The report pointed out that the theft, and after its discovery last Wednesday, showed that the project was not subject to destruction in any aspect or there was no forced entry. Whoever stole the material and equipment used cranes and trucks, said the representative of the Ministry of Interior, who accompanied the representative from the Ministry of Justice and the contractor during the visit.

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