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Sunday , September 26 2021

The logic of Aaidh al-Qarni


The family of the Saudi cleric, Aaidh al-Qarni, the millionaire preacher, confirmed on Twitter that his health condition is stable, and that he is receiving the necessary treatment in the intensive care unit in one of the most important hospitals in Riyadh, after being infected with the “Covid-19” virus, and that visiting him is forbidden upon orders of the doctors.

We wish fast recovery to our intellectual and mental challenger and return to his family, supporters, followers and imitators. On this unpleasant occasion, we would like to remind him, and his beloved ones about what he previously mentioned in a television interview a while ago, where he said: “The benefit and the cure lies in two lines and the two lines are the greatest paper medicine, namely (Surat Al-Fatiha) in the Holy Quran because I tried it.”

He added: “I was sick bodily and I was treated in five hospitals, even abroad, but that did not help me. But after that, I recovered after reciting Surat Al-Fatiha and used to say it and drink with it (Zamzam water), or any ordinary water. The Surat Al-Fatiha removes worry, grief and obsessive thoughts, and it is the greatest remedy that is prescribed from the pharmacy of Prophethood, and the greatest treatment in (the world) for the treatment of souls and bodies according to the testimony of scholars.”

It also treats envy, gossip, sting and suspicion and if people knew its usefulness, they would breastfeed them to their children, and it must be read seven times in order to benefit from it.

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We sincerely wish al-Qarni to get well soon as there is no enmity between us and we hope he would review what he had previously said and apologize to the millions of his followers.

The Holy Quran is a sacred book for more than a billion people, and its goal is to regulate a Muslim’s livelihood and not to treat body with medical prescriptions. What happens represents a great insult to religion, so what is the reaction of someone who recites Al-Fatiha seven or seventy times or even seven thousand times and does not recover, will not allow doubt to enter his heart?

What is the purpose of publishing and promoting such statements or allegations that are not based on any scientific evidence? Doesn’t that offend the beliefs of millions of people?

There is no doubt that many people find comfort and psychological comfort in reading the Holy Quran, and others are relieved of anxiety and tranquility enters their hearts, especially in times of crises, disasters and calamities. The Holy Quran has nothing to do with medical treatment or other medical procedures such as anesthesia and complicated surgeries.

What al-Qarni mentioned is very similar to what was mentioned by many others, including Mohammad Metwally Al-Shaarawi, who strongly opposed the idea of seeking intensive care in hospitals, and considered it interference in the will of the Creator.

The patient in these rooms will inevitably die if the medical equipment is removed from him, and therefore he must be left to his fate, but as soon as Al-Shaarawi himself fell ill with a fatal disease, and saw death in front of him, he succumbed to reality, and accepted treatment in the intensive care room.

The situation of these people is similar to the situation of those who issue fatwas to kill so-and-so, or blow up the place of so and so, then they sit in their homes for others to do the job.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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