The Dangers Lurking in Beauty Salons:6 Women’s Salons Shut Down

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 25: In a coordinated regulatory action inspectors from the Commercial Control Department of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry moved swiftly to close a showroom belonging to a reputable eyewear company for selling counterfeit eyeglasses from prominent international brands, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to the sources, comprehensive field inspections led to the closure of the company after a thorough raid on one of its premises uncovered approximately 2,000 counterfeit eyeglasses bearing international brand names. This blatant violation of regulatory instructions prohibiting the sale of counterfeit products will result in the company being referred to the Commercial Prosecution.

The sources also highlighted violations at two food stores where expired goods were found, and duplicate price tags with revised expiry dates were confiscated.

This action goes against regulations that dictate expiration dates must be determined by the factory, not the distributing company. Consequently, the MCI inspectors closed both warehouses, preparing to refer them to the Commercial Prosecution following established protocol.

Furthermore, inspectors seized 460 cartons of counterfeit filters branded with names of renowned car manufacturers in one of the companies. The confiscated materials were seized, and the company’s officials will be referred to the Commercial Prosecution to complete necessary legal procedures.

During their field tours, the sources uncovered the presence of six women’s salons and institutes across different areas. These establishments were found to provide customers with products and materials harmful to health and safety. Subsequently, these businesses were closed and referred to the Commercial Prosecution for appropriate legal action.

This news has been read 6417 times!

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