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Sunday , September 26 2021

Annual Free Iran World Gathering 2021

Expected agenda for the third day of the conference: Monday 12 July 2021

The gathering starts at 16:00 Mecca time – 15:00 European time
15:00 in memory of the martyrs
• Opening
• Ingrid Betancourt, former senator and presidential candidate for Colombia
• Robert Torricelli, former US Senator
• Rudy Giuliani, Former Mayor of New York
16:45 Europe and human rights in Iran
• Matteo Renzi, Senator from Florence since 2018, Prime Minister of Italy 2014-2016
• Guy Verhofstadt, Member of the European Parliament, Prime Minister of Belgium 1999-2008
• Enda Kenny, Prime Minister of Ireland 2011-2017
• Peter Roman Prime Minister of Romania 1989 – 1991 and Minister of Foreign Affairs 1999 – 2000
• Carlo Cottarelli, former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and Prime Minister of Italy, appointed in May 2018
• Fredrik Reinfeldt, Prime Minister of Sweden 2006-2014
17:45 Iran Crisis
• Senator Joseph Lieberman, candidate for Vice President of the United States in the 2000 elections
• Ambassador Robert Joseph, Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security
• Judge Michael Mukasey, Attorney General of the United States 2007 – 2009
• Director Louis Freeh, Fifth Director of the FBI 1993-2001
• Ambassador John Bolton – Former US National Security Adviser, US Ambassador to the United Nations
• Mark Ginsberg, US Ambassador to Morocco from 1994 to 1998 and former Deputy Adviser to the President for Middle East Policy
18:40 The experiences of political prisoners
• Matin Karim – Saleh Cohen Del – Majed Karim – Mohamed Fermani
19:00 Canadian podium
• John Baird, Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs 2011-2015
• Tony Clement Canadian Minister of Industry 2008 – 2011 and Health 2006 – 2008
• Wayne Easter, Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons and former President of the National Farmers’ Federation
19:25 to mislead public opinion
• Rama Yade, Secretary for Human Rights in France 2007-2009
• . Lincoln Bloomfield, Assistant Secretary of State for Political and Military Affairs of the United States 2001-2005
• Theresa Payton, Chief Information Officer for President George W. Bush and his administration
19:50 Solidarity with the Iranian people
• Temo Johani Sweeney, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland 2015-2019 and Deputy Prime Minister 2015-2017
• Audrinios Azoupolis, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania 2010-2012
• Tom Keat, Irish Minister of State for Overseas Development and Human Rights 2002-2004
• Aleksandar Vondra, Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic (2010-2012), Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (2006-2007)
• Corinne Lepage – former French Minister of the Environment
• Michal Kaminski, Vice-President of the Polish Senate
• Ad Melkert, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq 2009-2011
• Mimi Kodili, Minister of Defense of Albania 2013-2017
• Gilbert Mitterrand, President of the French Foundation for Human Rights, the France Liberté Foundation – the Daniel Mitterrand Foundation since 2011
• Rysard Kalisz, Minister of the Interior and Administration of Poland 2004-2005
• Lucinda Creighton, Ireland Secretary of State for European Affairs 2011-2013
• Tritan Shehu, Albanian Member of Parliament and Minister of Health 1993-1996
21:40 US policy suggestions
• Francis Townsend, Homeland Security Adviser to the US President 2004-2007
• Ambassador James Woolsey, Director of the CIA 1993 – 1995
• General James Conway, 34th Commander of the US Marine Corps
• General Jack Keane – Former Deputy Chief of Staff of the US Army
General Chuck Wald, former deputy commander of US European Command
22:15 Representatives of the Iranian communities

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