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‘Thaqil Al-Rai’ defies odds to win 1,850-meter Class 1 race

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Rayan takes 1,400-meter Class 1 race

Al-Habout receiving the trophy from the club management.

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 12: The horse “Thaqil Al-Rai” from Al-Habout Stable defied all odds and speculations to win the trophy presented by Farwaniya Equestrian Club after it finished the 1,850-meter Class 1 race within 2:03 minutes. In second position was the horse “Medwakh” from Al-Owaimar Stable, followed by the horse “Kuhailan” from Al-Shilahi Stable.

According to a press release, Al-Habout received the trophy from the club management amid fanfare and pomp from his fans after the surprising attainment.

In the 1,400-meter Class 1 race, the horse “Rayan” from Al-Owaidh Stable beat others to claim the top spot by covering the distance in 1:28:15 minutes. The horse “Nassar” from Al-Dayan Stable came second ahead of the third-placed “Al-Lewaa” horse from Al-Khethyah Stable. The surprise package in this contest is that the highly favored “Numas Khalid” ended up not getting any position.

Deputy Board Chairman presented the trophy to the winning stable and congratulated them for the successful outing.

In the 2,400-meter Class 3 contest, the horse “Al-Qadim Ajmal” from Al-Zamanan Stable outshined its opponents by covering the distance within 2:41 minutes. The second position went to the horse “Najjam” from Al-Khudheir Stable and the third position to the horse “Sa’ab” from Al-Rashidi Stable.

In the first round of the 1,050-meter Class 4 race, the horse “Habib” from Al-Enezi Stable excelled fellow contestants to claim the first place after finishing the race in 01:04 minutes, followed by Sufyan and Ezz Al-Nasser in the second and third places respectively.

The horse “Alal” from Al-Sihan Stable won the second round of 1,850-meter Class 4 race by finishing it within 2:09 minutes. The horse “Shafi” trailed it in the second position, and the third position was occupied by the horse “Mathal”.

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