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Monday , September 20 2021

Tell and get paid

Whistleblower expected to receive bonus

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 10: The Acting Secretary-General of the Public Authority for Combating Corruption (Nazaha), Dr. Muhammad Buzuber, announced that “a mechanism for disbursing a sum of money for the whistleblower in corruption cases has been approved in the event that the authority receives a final court verdict based on the report submitted by the ‘informer, a percentage of that money will be considered as in the report he submitted, and a percentage of the amount that was reported, as well as the moral honor, reports Al-Rai daily. A reliable source told the daily one of the whistleblowers is expected to receive such a ‘bonus’ soon.

Buzuber told the Kuwait TV “protection is guaranteed to all whistleblowers and the integrity of the employees who have sworn not to divulge any information.” Buzuber emphasized people’s dignity is a red line, and added, “we have received hundreds of complaints, but not all of them are of any value.”

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