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Tehran informs Kuwait – “We do not want tensions to escalate in the region”

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 10:  Iran has informed Kuwait that it does not want to escalate tensions in the region and is not seeking war with the United States.This came during the meeting of the Deputy Foreign Minister, Khaled Al-Jarallah, yesterday, with the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Irani, during which a number of aspects of bilateral relations between the two countries were discussed, in addition to developments in the regional and international arenas reports Al Rai.

The sources said that the meeting “included a discussion of the latest developments in the region, in addition to exchanging views with our friends regarding what is happening in the Arab and regional arenas.”

He added that he had “informed the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry that Iran does not want high tensions in the region, and does not want war, and seeks peace in it,” noting that Iran struck two American military bases in Iraq came in response to the assassination of the United States commander of the Iranian “Quds Force” Qassem Soleimani, according to Article 51 of the UN Charter, which gives Tehran the right to respond.

Noting that “Iran announced that it will not seek to raise the level of tensions in the region,” the ambassador stressed that “the Iranian army reserves the right to respond in the event of any new attack on Iran from anywhere.”

The meeting was attended by Assistant Foreign Minister for Protocol Affairs Ambassador Dhari Al-Ajran and Assistant Foreign Minister for Deputy Minister’s Office Ambassador Ayham Al-Omar.

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