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Suspending renewal of work permits for 16,000 expats over academic certificates validity

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KUWAIT CITY, April 1: The Society of Engineers in Kuwait has proposed a new project to the relevant authorities aimed at implementing a system that approves workers in the construction, infrastructure, and engineering sectors to avoid errors and defects in infrastructure projects. The project also aims to address the issue of inexperienced workers and laxity in the sector. The project will commence once approved by the authorities supervising and executing engineering and construction works. The country will also witness intensive security campaigns by the Ministry of Interior to control fake employment and fake companies in the coming period.

According to statistics released by the Civil Information Authority, most of the 319,000 expats working in the construction sector are non-Arab Asians, while 22,234 workers specialize in natural sciences and engineering, reports Al Qabas. The Manpower Authority has also started checking the qualifications of workers in the financial, banking, and accounting sectors, numbering around 16,250 expats. The authority has prevented the renewal of their work permits until ensuring the validity of their academic certificates and their conformity with job titles.

The report further revealed that during the first quarter of this year, 76.3% of Kuwaiti job seekers registered in the Public Authority for Manpower’s systems expressed their desire to work in the private sector. Out of the total number of registrants, which reached 1,883, 445 citizens preferred government sector jobs, while 1,438 citizens stated their desire to work in the private sector.

According to the latest report by the Public Authority for Manpower, the desires of Kuwaiti job seekers for government jobs dominated those for the private sector in 2021, with 32.2% of registered citizens seeking government jobs. The total number of job seekers registered until the end of 2021 was 17,307 citizens. Of those who are currently not employed, do not receive a pension, and are not registered with an educational institution, 56% hold university degrees, while 306 hold master’s degrees, and 9 hold PhDs.

While there was a decrease in the number of job seekers with secondary certificates and limited registrations for vocational and parallel education, the number of diploma holders seeking jobs was high at 4,198. The report also showed that the total number of national workers registered in the private sector until the end of 2021 was 71,833 Kuwaitis. The total number of insured persons in small and medium enterprises increased to reach 16,846 entrepreneurs, while 1,664 others are insured in the oil sector.

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