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‘Suspend oral immunization of children’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 8: Lawyer Ayed Mahdi Al-Rashidi has filed an administration petition (fast track) to suspend the campaign for immunization of children orally until the concerned medical community completes its deliberation on the level of quality of the immunization and determines whether or not it matches the specifications recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The petition also demanded the concerned committee to publish the side effects, especially since recommendations were issued by WHO in 2013 to withdraw such type of immunization, which is referred as “OPV”.

The court has set the session of Feb 23rd to look into the case. According to the case file, Ministry of Health earlier this month issued a circulation to announce the immunization campaign against rubella, measles, polio and mumps.

It declared that the six-month campaign will from Feb 5. However, the client of Lawyer Ayed Mahdi Al-Rashidi who has children of the relevant ages had raised concerns about news circulating about the immunization process. Based on that, the petition was filed to avoid any health risks that could result from OPV immunization.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff and Agencies

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