Suspects Flee from GTD Vehicle Impounding Facility

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 17: Three vehicles were abandoned in front of the Mina Abdullah garage as their occupants fled into the night. In response, authorities issued orders to apprehend these individuals who had unlawfully entered the vehicle impoundment garage. The incident, which occurred on Friday, February 16, 2024, was reported by Al-Anba. Abdullah Qunais, the investigator at the Abdullah Port police station, instructed the criminal security team to detain the unknown individuals responsible for trespassing into the vehicle impoundment garage under the veil of darkness. There were suspicions that these intruders were either attempting to steal vehicles from the garage or forcibly remove one. Both actions constitute criminal offenses. Interestingly, upon hearing the approaching patrol, the perpetrators hastily abandoned the three vehicles they were using and fled the scene.

Authorities promptly seized the vehicles and contacted the General Traffic Department to ascertain ownership and whether they had been reported stolen. According to a security source, the Ministry of Interior operations received a report from garage guards around three in the afternoon, alerting them to the presence of unknown individuals within the premises. These individuals had managed to infiltrate the garage from an undisclosed location. Subsequently, a team from the Abdullah Port police station was dispatched to the Al-Balagh site to investigate. Despite conducting a thorough search, no suspects were found. However, three vehicles — a pair of luxury four-wheelers and a Japanese saloon — were discovered and towed to Mina Abdullah for further examination.

This news has been read 844 times!

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