Survivors of Mangaf Fire Praise Kuwait’s Compassionate Response

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KUWAIT CITY, June 23: Once again, the leadership, government, and people of Kuwait have demonstrated why they were named “Leaders in Humanitarian Work” by the United Nations. This recognition stems from their continuous efforts and significant initiatives to assist those in need worldwide.

The most recent example of this humanitarian spirit was evident in the response to the Mangaf fire and its victims. Survivors of the fire, which claimed 49 lives and injured dozens, have expressed their deep gratitude for the swift and compassionate Kuwaiti response. The injured were promptly transferred to hospitals for treatment.

Kuwait’s announcement of financial compensation for the families of the fire victims was a significant relief for many. Survivors also appreciated the repeated visits from government officials to the accident site and hospitals since the morning of the incident. The efforts of the fire force and medical emergency teams in rescuing the building’s residents were also widely praised.

Several injured workers who had been discharged from hospitals about ten days after the disaster, now residing in temporary housing. In one apartment, three injured individuals, (Supervisor Praveen Raju, driver Nalina Kishan, and worker Dorji Lama)were still recovering with plaster casts on their feet from fractures sustained while jumping from the second floor to escape the thick smoke, reports Al Rai. Raju recounted his escape, noting that he jumped onto a water tanker below but still suffered injuries due to inhaling smoke.

These survivors expressed their heartfelt thanks for the ongoing assistance, highlighting the humanitarian care they received from Kuwaiti officials at all levels. They also acknowledged the support from their home country, particularly the Indian ambassador in Kuwait and embassy staff, who were among the first to arrive at the accident site and maintained constant contact to check on their well-being.

In another apartment, four recently discharged individuals (Sharat, Santosh Pal, driver Anil Om, and storekeeper Faisal Muhammad) were also recovering, with some still in plaster casts. Pal described waking up at five in the morning to screams and attempting to escape through the smoke-filled stairs before returning to his apartment, where those who continued down succumbed to suffocation. Another survivor recounted attempting to descend from the balcony using a television cable, only to fall and break his legs when it snapped. These individuals echoed their colleagues’ gratitude for the humanitarian aid and efforts extended by Kuwait and their embassy.

Injured worker’s families arrive in Kuwait

Meanwhile, Five relatives of the workers injured in the Mangaf fire arrived in Kuwait. Four more individuals are expected to arrive this Wednesday. Upon their arrival, the relatives went directly to their accommodations to check the health status of the injured workers.

This news has been read 4226 times!

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