Surgeries delayed; ‘tools’ unavailable – Kuwaitis seek probe

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 29: After the medicine shortage crisis worsened in spite of 230 million dinars being allocated for the urgent purchase of medicines, another problem that has emerged poses a threat to the health of citizens, this time lack of supplies and equipment for surgical operations which resulted in bringing out the citizen from the operation theater after he was anesthetized, reports Al-Qabas daily. In the recovery room doctors informed him that they could not operate on him, because they discovered there was shortage of medical equipment necessary for the surgery. Several citizens told the daily how they suffer in hospital and specialized medical centers affiliated with the Ministry of Health, stressing that some surgeries are postponed due to the lack of ‘medical wires’ and necessary surgical tools and mechanisms,” in addition, some illnesses force the patients to resort to private hospitals due to a shortage of surgical supplies in Ministry of Health hospitals.

One of the Kuwaitis narrated his painful experience saying he was lying in Jaber Hospital a few days ago, and was admitted to undergo a heart catheterization operation, after conducting the necessary medical examinations he was informed that he would undergo a surgery the next day and the doctors told him he would be discharged the following Monday, but the scheduled surgery was postponed to Tuesday, corresponding to December 27.

He was admitted to the operating room and he was anesthetized, to perform the catheterization, but the doctors told him after he recovered from the anesthesia that they could not perform the operation, because of the size of the artery required to be dealt with, indicating that it is an unacceptable size, and needs medical supplies that are not available in Jaber Hospital. The citizen pointed out that after staying for two hours inside the operating room, he was taken out to the intensive care room, and given some painkillers, pointing out that the doctors decided to allow him to go home, until medical supplies — wires and stents of specific sizes are available.

Several other citizens had different problems to recount such as undergoing an operation to remove stones from the gallbladder which was also postponed due to non availability of supplies. Another female citizen said she waited for a week inside a ward without justification, although the date of the operation was set on the second day of her admission to the hospital, but they told her that the delay was due to the lack of surgical medical supplies required for the surgery.

The dissatisfied citizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the suffering in the corridors of hospitals due to the lack of medicines and surgical supplies, they pointed out that health development does not only mean the establishment of glamorous buildings and luxurious medical edifices in form, but inside it increases the pain of patients due to the lack of medicines and surgical equipment, which delays operations and cancels Some of them, and some are forced to resort to the private medical sector, and pay large sums of money for treatment and the required surgery.

The citizens want those responsible people to be held accountable for lack of medicines and surgical supplies; develop an urgent plan to address the defect and alleviate the suffering of patients; work to provide all supplies urgently and reduce waiting time for surgeries in hospitals

This news has been read 25548 times!

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